CAASP - Conditions of accessibility, availability and security of the Portal
(21/04/2004 issue)


1. Introduction

1.1. Scope

These Conditions of Accessibility, Availability and Security of the Portal (“CAASP”) detail the terms for the general services provided by Renault through the B2B portal according to the applicable Conditions of Access and Use. It does not apply on conditions related to some applications requiring specific usage conditions described accordingly in addendum. It specifically addresses the general service levels definition, measurement and minimum service standard that is in effect. It describes also the change management process for a new service or portal release. Furthermore, the CAASP extend the CAU and are part of them. 

The present CAASP is applicable on all services within Renault’s area of responsibility, i.e. all transactions activated behind its firewall and proxies gate system and on ENX connection in regards of the existing level of service guaranteed by such a communication mean. Any usage of external ASP solution through the portal will result on writing specific CAASP addendum.

Renault can make a CAASP amendment at any time. Renault shall make its best efforts to inform the users. These modifications and updates shall apply immediately to the Users who shall consequently consult regularly the CAASP currently in force.

1.2. Operations and Business Services

The general services covered by the present CAASP are the following:

• Infrastructure and « content packaging »
- User identification and registration management
- User authentication and security 
- Corporate and customized publication: writing and publication of general and business focused news
- Business standards publication: based on electronic documentation and knowledge management
- Commonized tools: search engine, FAQ, usage reporting (for administration)

• Quality insurance process
- Supplier portal roll out and suppliers involvement in release management and testing process
- Users support and help-desk
- Performance and response time
- System availability

• Business Services
The purpose of these services is to implement specific collaborative business services between Renault and external partners (parts and equipment suppliers, engineering subcontractors, haulers). They are related to data flow exchange and IS transactions, pushed data, alerts and business dashboards, data extraction. The general CAASP apply to them, but some specific requirements may imply additional liabilities to the present CAASP which will be defined in due time according to business requirements.

1.3. Users

Commitments made within this document are applicable to the users as defined in te CAU. All staging, pilot, demo, training activities are not within the scope of this CAASP.

2. System availability

2.1. Hours of service

The services of the B2B Portal are available from 7am until 8pm on Monday through Friday and from 7am until 1pm on Saturday – French hours.
Nevertheless, these services remain accessible without any availability guarantee, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In particular, the service can be suspended for maintenance.

2.2. Infrastructure

The Renault B2B portal is accessible through Internet, ENX. However, each Business Service is reachable through a combination decided by Renault among these telecommunication means.

The Supplier acknowledges that the public nature of the Internet withholds Renault from guaranteeing:
- that each Supplier will be able to access the Portal or any of its Services at any time during the availability period of the Portal or the proper opening hour of each Service
- that this access will not be suspended
- that this access will be free of errors
- all unauthorized breach to the security.

Renault shall do its best efforts to correct all hardware failures that are not Catastrophic Hardware Failures, but impact the user experience.

Catastrophic Hardware Failures impacting multiple servers are subject to a corrective timing assessed at the time of the incident. In the event of a Catastrophic Hardware Failure, Renault will alert the Renault help desk within 20 minutes of identification of such failure by Renault. 

2.3. Services

Services can be unavailable during up to 4 hours continuously, or up to 8 hours in total during a month.

Renault will notify the users via the Suppliers Portal between 2 or 5 working days before the service maintenance. Every effort will be made to perform the maintenance at the least disruptive time, and the window would last no longer than 3 hours, from 5 pm to 8 pm. A teach closure, a maintenance page will be activated to allow each user to access to his applications. In determining the least disruptive time, Renault will attempt to identify the time of the day during which a function is used by the least number of Users. Typically, this is from 7:00 to 9:00 AM (CET). However, this may vary from service to service and is subject to change as usage patterns change over time.

The Supplier acknowledges that neither Renault nor its providers are liable or accountable to pay compensations following the disruption, suspension, change or ending of the Portal or one of its Services.

3. Change management

3.1. Services changes

Renau3.1. Services changes
Renault holds a tight dialogue with its Suppliers and their representatives within the scope of a quality process. Every new service or update in the Portal functionalities or Business Services will be subject to a specific Change Management plan.

The exchange will be done through appropriate channels: Supplier Administrators, portal publication, suppliers bodies and existing institutional meetings…

3.2. Infrastructure changes

Any major production infrastructure changes that have a material impact on normal operations of Renault applications are communicated to all Suppliers Administrators in advance of implementation of such changes.

4. Security and confidentiality

Renault has defined and implemented a security policy regarding the data exchanges with external partners based on a five axes classification: availability, integrity, confidentiality, audit-ability, last-ability. This classification is communicated to the Suppliers within the scope of the quality process stated above.

The applied users’ authentication mean is a result of each axe’s quotation.

5. Help desk support services

Renault Help Desk support is a bilingual (French / English) service that is in charge of issue logging, routing of problem calls, and overall responsibility for the request throughout its lifecycle. The Suppliers can call this service whenever they have a problem with the Portal or one of its services.

This Help Desk function will provide reactive and proactive problem determination, problem source isolation, resolution and tracking, as applicable.

However, this Help Desk is not in charge of training users or solving potential Suppliers infrastructure, hardware, operations, operating systems… problems.

5.1. Issue communication and resolution

Suppliers’ users may access the Renault Help Desk services by direct telephone call; this will provide Level 1 Help Desk services. All requests, inquiries, problem reports or other communications from users received by the Help Desk (“Requests”) shall be logged and tracked until solved. Each Request will be assigned a unique case number. If not resolved during the first contact, the case number will be provided to the requester for future reference.

Renault Help Desk shall make all reasonable efforts to resolve problems and questions while the Member is on the phone. To facilitate this process, the Help Desk maintains an accurate on-line knowledge base that stores product and support information. 

In cases where the Help Desk is unable to resolve the problem, it will be escalated to the Renault Level 2 support staff and to Renault Level 3 support staff when needed (at specific service level related to a given application). When taken by Renault, the problem is recorded and a forecasted date of solution is provided to the requester. During the problem investigation, the requester will be notified when the problem is solved or when Renault changes the forecasted date.

Help Desk support will not include the responsibility to cure or correct defects in any non-Renault products, services, or infrastructure out of its Intranet and proxies. 

5.2. Hours of service

Renault Level 1 Help Desk services are open :

    * English (HP) : 24h/24, 7d/7
    * French (HP) : 24h/24, 7d/7
    * Spanish (HP) : 24h/24, 7d/7
    * Romania (Dacia) : Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (local hour)
    * Corean (RSM) : Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (local hour) 
    * Iranian (Renault Pars) : Sunday- thursday, 8 am to 5 pm (local hour)

The second level : Monday-Friday, 8 am to 7 pm (French hour)

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